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Fire Safety Drawing Services

Fire Certificates, Risk Assessments & Drawings

CAD Bureau Southern have been producing Fire Certificate format drawings to Regional Fire Authority Format Specifications for over ten years. Our customers include most of the leading private UK Fire Consultancies and property management companies in the UK. Because we use apprentice trained Draughtsmen/women we produce superior quality drawings than those companies that employ software trained CAD operators. Because we are technically more competent we can also produce drawings quicker and hence cheaper than many in house CAD operators.

Many of our drawings are used for re-certification of Fire Certificates where significant changes to the building has warranted re-certification. We have passed many tests from various UK Fire Authorities and have never had a drawing rejected by the authorities in over ten years.

We can review and survey your building and if necessary re-apply for a revised Fire Certificate using ex-County Chief Fire Safety Officers. We can also supply drawings to compliment a Fire Risk Assessment Report to highlight areas of risk.

Emergency Plan Drawings

By law, every company must have an emergency plan. We have been supplying approved emergency escape plans based upon your fire certificate for over ten years. These escape drawings can also be made into signs for mounting within your building.

Terrorist Attack Drawings

Similar to the Emergency Plan Drawings we can provide drawings to show safe area's to compliment the local authority approved procedures.

Fire Alarm System Design

Our Former chief fire officers will design your Fire Alarm System often significantly better than Fire Alarm Companies  because they have the technical expertise to know how fire reacts within certain criteria. Many Fire Alarm companies have the electrical expertise on how to install systems but are often let down by their lack of fire knowledge. Once designed we will draw up your system for you to tender to electrical engineers to install or we can supply you with names of vetted fire alarm installation companies.

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Fire Alarm.pdf


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