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This is a list of drawing projects we have completed

Although we have only been in business for two years we have already picked up a number of interesting & varied orders. In previous employment our staff have also carried out work for the Nuclear Industry, M.O.D. and many European Governments.

bullet 2D, General Assemblies, Technical,  Manufacturing, layouts, cabling, visuals etc.
bullet 3D, GA's. Rendering, Wire Frame, Exploded Parts Lists
bullet Asbestos Survey Location Drawings
bullet Building Management, Electrical Wiring, Fire Safety, Asbestos, Water, Office Layout
bullet Commercial Vehicle Fit Out Drawings 2D & 3D
bullet Container - 3D & 2D Manufacturing
bullet Electrical, Wiring Diagrams
bullet Estate Agents Floor Layout Diagrams
bullet Engineering, Mechanical, All work undertaken
bullet Exhausts - 2D, Sectional, Wireframe & Chrome Rendered
bullet Fans Industrial, Axial, Centrifugal, Roof Unit 2D & 3D GA drawings
bullet Fibre Glass Mouldings - 3D, Manufacturing & Visualisation
bullet Fire Alarms, drawings for Zones, equipment, wiring & Full Design Service by Fire Officers
bullet Fire Certificate & Risk Assessment Drawings for Hotels, Offices, Factories, Theatres, Hospitals etc.
bullet Fire Emergency Escape Diagrams for Workplaces.
bullet Furniture, all types of drawing work undertaken
bullet Housing, 3D Single Line Diagrams for Executive Homes.
bullet Housing, 2D plans, 3D Rendered layouts.
bullet Isometric, drawings of components, buildings, layouts
bullet Salmon Net  Isometric & 2D Detail drawings
bullet Office furniture & office layout diagrams
bullet Patent Drawings (Sorry due to their nature we cannot publish these)
bullet Planning permission drawings for Residential homes (info req'd by the customer)
bullet Plotting A0 to A5 colour Inkjet, A3 & A4 Colour Laser duplex
bullet Pump Sets GA drawings
bullet Sheet Metal Work, Assemblies, developments, all work undertaken
bullet Telecoms, network diagrams.
bullet Terrorist Attack layout drawings
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