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Computer Aided Drawing services

If we can see it we can draw it.

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We can draw it ourselves on our own PC.

Perhaps, but ask yourself these questions. How long will it take? How much will it cost to train? How long will it take to master the software? Do you have the peripheral equipment such as plotters? Do you have the latest software to compliment your presentation? What happens to your day to day work while you are drawing? Will the end result look professional? Do you know how to avoid common mistakes that could easily be misinterpreted and/or lead to disastrous consequences?

Think about about this next question carefully as it is a good comparison to make.


Think about it, virtually everyone who uses a PC uses a word processor but how many of them would claim to be able to type & why are there so many typists and secretaries.  It is the same with CAD, there are many people who can use a software package such as AutoCAD by going on a course at the local college, but in no shape or form can these people ever call themselves draughtspeople as they do not have the technical knowledge that they will require.

The CAD Bureau is here to help you.

We have developed our service to enable you to concentrate on your core business without the peripheral costs and many problems associated with CAD /CAM. 

It is not just a matter for you to employ a single CAD operator. You need at least two to be efficient because when you have a need for drawings urgently, your CAD operator is surely going to be on holiday, or sick or otherwise not available. Use our Bureau and you can forget those problems. You can forget about the upgrades of programs, the new computers, printers and plotters. We have the equipment waiting for your use. You need not worry about the CAD operator being trained on new and different systems, nor the worry that when fully trained the CAD operator will be looking for higher wages or another job elsewhere. 

We offer many services, not just in CAD/CAM but also general computing problems (even this web site was completed within a day by ourselves). If you need CAD or other computer based assistance call the CAD Bureau.


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